Portable Trace Oxygen Analyzer OMD 640

The OMD-640 oxygen analyzer combines a rugged portable design, integral sample system and updated electronics with SSO2's precision oxygen sensors. The result is a highly reliable and cost-effective design with easy to use interface.
The analyzer comes with 5 field adjustable ranges: 0 - 1 ppm, 0 - 10 ppm, 0 - 100 ppm, 0 - 1000 ppm and 0 - 25%. The LDL of the unit on the lowest 0 - 1 ppm is 0.001 ppm. Custom ranges are available.
The oxygen sensor is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal and is manufactured in house under a strict quality procedure. The sensors are self contained and minimal maintenance is required - no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte. The precision sensors offer excellent performance, accuracy and stability while maximizing the expected life.
The analyzer comes with a built in sample system that includes a front accessible sensor housing, a flow control knob, flow indicator and a 4-way bypass valve. Gas inlet is made via 1/8'' Compression tube fitting.
The electronics are feature packed with an easy-to-use menu interface. The highlight of the advanced set of electronics include's a USB output for data logging. Data logging can be done via a removable USB flash drive and data can be taken in 1 minute intervals. An 8 GB flash drive can store data for 50+ years.

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