Peak Performer 1 FID

Peak Performer1 FID

Peak Performer1 FID
The Peak Performer 1 FID uses a highly sensitive Flame Ionization Detector (FID) which has been designed specifically for process applications in UHP gases. The FID is used to measure trace impurities down to part per billion levels, while offering a wide linear range for simple, accurate measurements. The PP1 technology has proven to offer a more cost-effective and user friendly alternative to other instruments for similar applications. In addition, Peak Labs practical experience and ability to customize to suit your applications makes Peak Labs your partner, not just your supplier. Please contact us at Peak Laboratories or your local sales representative for custom applications and further information on our standard applications.
The Peak Performer 1 FID gas chromatograph (GC) can be optimized for your analytical needs in a variety of matrix gases. Typical applications are provided below:
  • CH4, CO2, NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons) in UHP bulk process gases ( e.g. N2, Ar, O2, He )
  • CH4 production in bio-reactors
  • Atmospheric CH4 analysis
Performance (Unless specified, carrier gas is purified nitrogen):
Matrix GasN2, Ar, HeO2AirH2
CH4: Methane500 ppt500 ppt500 ppt500 ppt
CO: Carbon Monoxide5 ppbn/an/an/a
CO2: Carbon Dioxide800 ppt800 pptn/a800 ppt
NMHC: Non- methane hydrocarbons800 ppt800 ppt800 ppt800 ppt
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