Surface Mount Gas Filters

All-metal gas filters for ultrapure surface-mount applications.
Available with stainless steel or nickel filter elements, WafergardŽ gas filters provide ultimate process protection, superior corrosion-resistance, and excellent compatibility with inert, hydride, and reactive gases. The surface-mount design consumes less space on gas panels and reduces parts inventories and variations. Our surface mount gas filter portfolio includes C-Seal 1.125" and W-Seal 1.125" or 1.5" formats.

Wafergard® SL 1.125" C-Seal Gas Filter

Wafergard® SL 1.125" C-Seal all-metal gas filters dramatically reduce footprint and provide ultrapure filtration in a surface-mount design.

Wafergard® SL 1.125" W-Seal Gas Filter

With a 1,125" square base, these SurfaceLine® filters provide the industry's smallest surface-mount gas filter.

Wafergard® SL 1.5" W-Seal Gas Filter

Wafergard® SL 1.5" W-Seal Mini, corrosion-resistant filters provide the industry's best gas filter for ultrapure surface-mount applications.

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