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Micro-Channel Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers

Palladium Hydrogen Purifier

Our patented Micro-Channel Palladium Hydrogen Gas Purification Systems offer the most significant innovation in hydrogen gas purification in over 20 years. The advanced palladium purifier offers 2-3 times higher flow capacity compared to competitors models, with lower cost and improved durability for high-volume manufacturing processes. SAES Pure Gas Hydrogen Pd purifiers deliver 9N's (99.9999999%) purity with < 1 ppb for oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and all other impurities. Our gas purifier products include the PS7-PD05 Series for flows from 0-50 slpm, PS7-PD1 for flows up to 70 Nm3/hr (1,085 slpm) and the PS7-PD2 for up to 140 Nm3/hr (2,170 slpm).
All of our H2 gas purifiers provide pure hydrogen for stable process control and protection from gas purity variables. Palladium membrane purifiers separate hydrogen from any inlet impurity level to provide the purest hydrogen on the planet.  This technology is ideal for lower quality compressed H2 sources such as cylinders, hydrogen generators or tube trailers. Our palladium alloy is permeable only to hydrogen atoms.  The purifier does not require regeneration or column replacement since inlet impurities are trapped on the inlet side of the palladium and vented continuously. Even high-ppm or percentage level impurities can be removed to parts-per-billion levels.
Palladium purifiers are widely used in the compound semiconductor industry for MOCVD applications where the highest hydrogen purity is required.  This unique capability to provide high-purity hydrogen from low quality sources makes the SAES palladium purifiers suited for other applications including clean energy applications for the supply of H2 for fuel cells and for generating zero gas for gas chromatography analysis.
There are three different platforms available for the Micro-Channel Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers:

Palladium Hydrogen Purifier - PS7-PD05 Flow rate 0-50 slpm

Palladium Hydrogen Purifier PS7-PD1 Flow rate 50 - 1085 slpm

Palladium Hydrogen Purifier PS7-PD2 Flow rate 1085 - 2170 slpm

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