Rare Gas/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Purification - PS4-MT3/15

Research has shown that point-of-use gas purification ensures consistent and repeatable process performance. Point-of-Use Purification isolates critical process areas from house gas distribution systems and protects against gas purity upsets and cross-contamination. Purifiers from SAES provide 99.9999999% purity, which is better than gas from cylinder or liquid sources. MonoTorr PS4 heated getter purifiers provide the most complete removal of impurities for Rare Gases, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. The heated Getter material forms irreversible chemical bonds with any oxide, carbide and nitride impurities. MonoTorr is the only purifier technology capable of removing all Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen from process gases.
Gas purity guarantees are reflected in the chart below.
Other key features:
  • Integral inlet/outlet valves and automatic bypass
  • Microprocessor control provides added safety and automation
  • Protection from exposure to air or oxygen via proprietary safety system
  • Patented Life Status Sensor provides early warning for impending breakthrough of impurities
  • Replaceable getter cartridge for fast, easy maintenance
PS4-MT3/15 Performance
Gases PurifiedImpurities RemovedPS4-MT3PS4-MT15
0-20 slpm20-50 slpm0-30 slpm30-75 slpm
He, ArH2O, O2, CO, CO2< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb
N2, H2, CH4< 1 ppb< 10 ppb< 1 ppb< 10 ppb
N2H2O, O2, CO, CO2< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb
H2, CH4< 1 ppb< 10 ppb< 1 ppb< 10 ppb
0-3 slpm0-9 slpm
XeH2O, O2, CO, CO2, N2, H2, CH4< 1 ppb< 1 ppb
0-20 slpm20-30 slpm0-30 slpm30-50 slpm
H2H2O, O2, CO, CO2< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb< 1 ppb
N2< 1 ppb< 10 ppb< 1 ppb< 10 ppb

Ordering Information
Part NumberDescriptionPower
50 slpm (N2 and Rare Gas), 30 slpm (H2), 3 slpm (Xe)
PS4-MT3-R-1Rare Gas Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT3-N-1Nitrogen Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT3-H-1Hydrogen Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT3-R-2Rare Gas Purifier220-240V
PS4-MT3-N-2Nitrogen Purifier220-240V
PS4-MT3-H-2Hydrogen Purifier220-240V
75 slpm (N2 and Rare Gas), 50 slpm (H2), 9 slpm (Xe)
PS4-MT15-R-1Rare Gas Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT15-N-1Nitrogen Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT15-H-1Hydrogen Purifier110-120V
PS4-MT15-R-2Rare Gas Purifier220-240V
PS4-MT15-N-2Nitrogen Purifier220-240V
PS4-MT15-H-2Hydrogen Purifier220-240V
PS4-APIMSAPIMS cerification to 1 ppb
Spare Parts (Replacement cartridges are field replaceable)
PF4-C3-R-1Rare Gas 3000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C3-N-1Nitrogen 3000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C3-H-1Hydrogen 3000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C3-R-2Rare Gas 3000 Cartridge220-240V
PF4-C3-N-2Nitrogen 3000 Cartridge220-240V
PF4-C3-H-2Hydrogen 3000 Cartridge220-240V
PF4-C15-R-1Rare Gas 15000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C15-N-1Nitrogen 15000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C15-H-1Hydrogen 15000 Cartridge110-120V
PF4-C15-R-2Rare Gas 15000 Cartridge220-240V
PF4-C15-N-2Nitrogen 15000 Cartridge220-240V
PF4-C15-H-2Hydrogen 15000 Cartridge220-240V

APIMS Validation
The PS4 MonoTorr has been qualified using an atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer (APIMS).
Upstream impurities fluctuating in the low-ppm range are immediately reduced to ppt levels.

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