Weld & Purge Gas Ambient Temperature Purification
The FaciliTorr ambient temperature gas purifiers is designed to remove impurities from weld and purge gases, including nitrogen and rare gases. Impurities in these gases are reduced to less than 1 part-per-billion.
  • Ensures reproducible welds every time by eliminating variations in gas quality
  • Reduces piping system drydown time
  • Prevents contamination and corrosion of the piping system

Model Number Configuration (Example FT400-902FV)
FT400 -902 -FV
Model Size Media Options

Model Size
Model Nominal Flow Max Flow Max PSIG Specifications Drawing
FT400 10 slpm 75 slpm 500 psig Datasheet Drawing

Media Types for Rare Gas and Nitrogen
Media Gases Purified Impurities Removed Regenerable
902 Ar, He, Kr, N2, Ne, Xe H2O, CO, CO2, O2, H2 < 100 ppt
Acids, Organics, Refractory compounds < 1 ppt
Bases < 5 ppt

Option Description Comments
F 0,003 μm filter option If not ordered, 2 µm filter standard
V Inlet and outlet valves 1/4" or 1/2" Manual diaphragm Valves

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