Rare Gas/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Purification - PS4-MT50

MonoTorr High Flow Gas Purifier

The High Flow MonoTorr purifier provides sub-ppb impurity removal in Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Rare Gases at flow rates up to 150 slpm. Each purifier comes fully enclosed and is designed for wall mounting. Standard features include an exhausted enclosure with separate bay for electronics, separate doors for gas piping system & electronics, and an exhaust collar with fan. An optional package (for Hydrogen units) includes a Hydrogen leak detector with automatic shutdown, electronic isolation, and a Nitrogen purge system with flow sensor.
Heated getter purifiers provide the most complete removal of impurities for Rare Gases, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. The metal getter forms an irreversible chemical bond with all oxide, carbide and nitride impurities. The MonoTorr is the only purifier technology capable of removing Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen from process gases.
Standard Features:
  • Valves: Automatic inlet, outlet, and bypass valves are standard.
  • Life Status Indicator: Getter life status indication provided on control panel.
  • Controller: PLC based controller with text LCD
  • Ultrafine 0.003µm Particle Filter
Optional Features:
  • N2 purge system for Class I Division II Environment (H2 only)
  • MODBUS Communication
  • Hydrogen Leak Sensor (H2 only)
  • Emergency Off Button (EMO)
PS4-MT50 High Flow Performance
Gases PurifiedImpurities RemovedOutlet PerformanceMaximum Flow (slpm)
He, ArH2O, O2, CO, CO2, N2, H2, CH4< 1 ppb100
XeH2O, O2, CO, CO2, N2, H2, CH4< 1 ppb30
N2H2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4< 1 ppb100
H2H2O, O2, CO, CO2, N2< 1 ppb150

Ordering Information
Part NumberDescriptionPower
PS4-MT50-H-1H2208 VAC
PS4-MT50-H-2H2240 VAC
PS4-MT50-R-1He, Ar, Xe208 VAC
PS4-MT50-R-2He, Ar, Xe240 VAC
PS4-MT50-N-1N2208 VAC
PS4-MT50-N-2N2240 VAC
MODBUSModbus customer interface connection
EMOEmergency Off Button
H2SENHydrogen Sensor with Alarm (H2 only)
NPNitrogen purge for C1, Div. II env. (H2 only)
Replacement Columns (includes new heater and blanket)
PF4-MT50-HReplacement Column H2
PF4-MT50-RReplacement Column He, Ar, Xe
PF4-MT50-NReplacement Column N2

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