Rare Gas/Nitrogen Purification - PS2-GC50

Gas Chromatography

GC50 Gas Purifier
Specifically designed for the purification of carrier gases for gas chromatography and other analytical applications. Availible for nitrogen, helium or argon purification, the all metal getter material removes impurities to <10 ppb (refer to chart below).
  • Maximum Flow: 200sccm
  • Minumum Flow: 20sccm
  • 1/8" Compression Fittings (1/4" VCR fittings, optional)
  • 1 year lifetime under normal operating conditions


  • Heated Getter Material removes N2 or CH4 impurities, which are not removed with ambient purifiers
  • Compact design for convenient installation
  • Economical and convenient way to boost instrument sensitivity

GC50 Performance
Gases PurifiedImpurities RemovedOutlet Performance
N2H2O, O2, H2, CO, CO2< 10 ppb
CH4< 50 ppb
He, ArH2O, O2, H2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2< 10 ppb

Ordering Information
Part NumberGas PurifiedConnection TypePower
PS2-GC50-R-1He, Ar1/8" Compression110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-1-VHe, Ar1/4" VCR110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-2He, Ar1/8" Compression220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-2-VHe, Ar1/4" VCR220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-1N21/8" Compression110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-1-VN21/4" VCR110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-2N21/8" Compression220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-2-VN21/4" VCR220-240 VAC

Spare Parts(Replacement cartridges are field replacable)
PF2-R-CRare Gas Cartridge
PF2-N-CNitrogen Cartridge

Pressure drop curve for the PS2-GC50-R (in Argon) at various inlet pressure levels (30, 60, and 90 psi):

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