Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers - PS7-PD1 (30 - 1,010 slpm)
Micro-Channel Palladium Hydrogen Purifier


  • LED device manufacturing
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) epitaxy
  • Crystal growth
  • Photovoltaic production
  • Polysilicon manufacturing
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • LCD display processes
  • Silicon & compound semi
  • Fuel cells
SAES Pure Gas micro-channel palladium purifiers (formerly  from Power+Energy) produce the purest hydrogen on the planet.  The patented Micro-Channel Palladium Membrane Hydrogen Gas Purifiers offer the most significant innovation in hydrogen gas purification in over 20 years. The advanced Hydrogen purifier offers 2-3 times higher flow capacity with lower cost and improved durability for high-volume manufacturing processes. SAES Pure Gas Hydrogen purifiers deliver 9N's (99.9999999%) purity with < 100 ppt for oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and all other impurities. All palladium purifiers provide durable performance for any flow and any inlet gas quality.
The PS7-PD1 compact enclosure use a micro-channel palladium membrane process to provide ultra-high purity (UHP) hydrogen for semiconductor applications.  This compact design is available in a wide range of flows to support point-of-use purification for single process tools or bulk gas supply for large LED and semiconductor fabs.

How it Works

Purification of hydrogen by palladium (Pd) membrane diffusion is the accepted technology for applications requiring parts-per-billion gas purity. Palladium acts as a catalyst, causing hydrogen gas molecules to dissociate into atoms upon contacting the membrane surface. The atoms are small enough to diffuse through the palladium membrane, driven by differential hydrogen pressure across the membrane. The hydrogen atoms recombine into molecules after passing through the membrane. Hydrogen purifiers operate at approximately 400°C. At this temperature, hydrogen atoms readily diffuse through the membranes. No other material can diffuse through palladium and so the permeate is only hydrogen.
Impurities including H2O, O2, N2, CO2, CO, hydrocarbons and rare gases remain on the inlet side of the membrane and are continuously purged through a bleed connection. The unique properties of palladium provide a solid barrier with no breakthroughs as compared to catalysts and getters that rely on chemical reactions on reactive surface areas. A nitrogen purge system is included to purge the purifier at startup and during any shutdown.

Palladium Advantages

  • Only Hydrogen passes through to the pure side - the purest gas
  • Every impurity is removed - no exceptions
  • Unlimited lifetime - no regeneration or vessel replacement
  • Separates pure H2 from source gas with ppm or % level impurities
  • Easy to verify performance with in-situ helium leak test

Key Features

  • Ultra-pure hydrogen from any source
  • High flow capacity up to 1010 slpm (65 Nm3/hr)
  • < 100 ppt O2, H2O, CO2, CO, N2, CH4, NMHC
  • Patented palladium micro-channel technology
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Smallest footprint - minimal side/back clearance
  • 25 different sizes to match your flow rate and pressure specifications

Flow Rate
Flow Rate
PS7-PD1-05 77 5
PS7-PD1-10 155 10
PS7-PD1-15 233 15
PS7-PD1-20 311 20
PS7-PD1-25 389 25
PS7-PD1-30 466 30
PS7-PD1-35 544 35
PS7-PD1-40 621 40
PS7-PD1-45 699 45
PS7-PD1-50 776 50
PS7-PD1-55 854 55
PS7-PD1-60 932 60
PS7-PD1-65 1010 65

Micro Channel Hydrogen Purifier (PE-2100) Flow rate 0-30 slpm

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