OPAL™ Integrated Purification & Analytical Systems

The SAES OPAL™ (Outdoor Purification Analytical Link) is an integration of MegaTorr gas purifiers and analytical instruments linked together within a prefabricated enclosure. This complete, climate-controlled, modular purifier "building" is ready for outdoor installation in any environment. The SAES OPAL can be fitted with bypass and isolation manifolding, pressure control and regulation, filtration skid(s) and the SAES Data Acquisition System.
The finished SAES OPAL system is fully tested and can be factory certified using APIMS technology.

Can include:
Multiple purifiers
Line regulators
Filter skids
On-line analyzers
Data acquisition system
Gas sampling port
Closed loop water cooling

Example of a SAES OPAL™ system equipped with MegaTorr nitrogen and argon purifiers linked with gas analyzers through computer-managed data acquisition.
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